Employee Engagement Surveys

There are 5 key areas that employers should be focusing on right now and retaining staff is at number 1️⃣!

You’ll retain your people if they are engaged and an employee engagement survey will tell you the true engagement score of a team or business!

If you have:

✅ A newly established business or team

✅ Been growing your business or team quickly or

✅ An established business and you haven’t conducted an employee survey before

⭐now is the time! ⭐

Why conduct an employee engagement survey?

?You’ll find out how TRULY engaged your employees are

?You’ll discover previously unknown insights (employees don’t always share out loud what they are thinking or feeling but they will give true feedback in an anonymous survey)

?With the results, you can create action plans and set a goal for the next survey (the best action plans are created and driven by your employees!)

It is suggested that you have at least 10 employees in your business or team to ensure anonymity. We recommend a tool that takes 10 minutes to complete, it’s secure, anonymous, and available on any device. ★The initial survey and results are free! ★

After the survey you can then decide if you want to sign up to access more communication tools and continue to engage your team to grow your business using insights and tracking progress.

??Survey’s in action!

One the teams we supported had an engagement score of 93% ?

Their previous year’s survey result was 15% lower – they increased the previous engagement score by driving an action that focussed on a number of key areas.

If you’d like to know more about:

1. The teams key to success

2. Conducting a survey

3. What the other 4 areas of focus are

Please book a call using our e-calendar or click on the link to find out more about the engagement survey tool.

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