Employee Engagement Survey – with MYTIME Young Carers

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Krista Sharp, CEO at MYTIME recently conducted an employee engagement survey and they achieved an amazingly high employee engagement score !

Krista used a platform called Engagement Multiplier and she said it was “exceptional” ?! Steve Middleton provided great support and advice in setting the survey up and he provided excellent insights when they discussed the feedback.

Although they achieved a high engagement score, Krista being the amazing CEO that she is, knows there is room for improvement and key areas to focus on are communication, increasing social opportunities for further team engagement and helping employees to manage their approach to their workload. She is already brimming with ideas on these areas.

Her team were enthused and thankful to MYTIME for giving them the opportunity to be heard and are confident that those small areas for improvement will happen.

Another cool function was the ability to respond to anonymous feedback directly. This is really important for employees who may not necessarily want to share their feedback openly but want to give feedback and know that it’s been heard.

A further great function is that employees receive their own engagement score – that is so powerful and enables them to look at why they are or aren’t motivated.

I really recommend an employee engagement survey if you haven’t conducted one in the last 12 months. Even if you think you know how engaged your employees are – you will truly know following the survey and the insights you’ll gain will make it very worthwhile…

As a partner of Engagement Multiplier, I’d be happy to provide more details and here is the link to sign up for a free trial (yes, I really did say a free trial)- what are you waiting for? ?

N.B. Krista worked directly with Engagement Multiplier and conducted focus sessions with her team. However, R Human Resources can support with this if you’d rather.

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